Our rescue response has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic


Thankfully callouts in Devon are few and far between, which is just how we like it. When we do get called out, and it’s appropriate to do so, we’ll give a brief summary of the incident here.

This evening Devon Cave Rescue Organisation were alerted to a small party of overdue cavers in Pridhamsleigh Cavern. A small number of team members were able to confirm the overdue parties car was still parked up so a decision was made to mobilise the team.

Whilst the team was mobilising a rescue...

A male (25) was reported missing. Police intelligence indicated that the missing person knew the area well. Devon CRO conducted a surface search and an inspection of numerous open mineshafts

21 team members attended for 5 hours and 45 mins.

The police requested assistance with a search for a missing person (m55), by descending and checking a mine shaft and undertaking a surface search.

7 team members attended for 7 hours.

Asked to give advice and search caves in Chudleigh Rocks area for vulnerable missing male. Missing person found deceased by Ashburton DSRT and Police team.

6 team members attended for 1 hours and 50 minutes.

Assist Devon and Cornwall Police & Ashburton DSRT with search for missing person as part of operation 'SEEKER'. The team search two culverts the third having no access past a steel grill. Nothing was found of interest to the investigation. Two gas detection units used

10 team members attended for...

A suspected body and light was seen in the lake at Pridhamsleigh Cavern – the report was made by an instructor from an outdoor activity centre. He informed Devon Cave Rescue directly - the team then advised Devon and Cornwall Police. The scene (cave) was declared a “crime scene” until further detail...

Young lady reported in distress and "missing" in Hembury Woods, search by police located possible disturbance at head of Mine shaft. DCRO asked to investigate as the shaft could be possible disposal site. Nothing found.

3 team members attended for 5 hours and 30 mins.

Search of mine shafts and adits for missing person following an abduction of female (40). Nothing found.

6 team members attended for 6 hours.

At 21.05 on Wednesday 16th November 2005 I received a telephone call from Devon & Cornwall Police requesting the assistance of DCRO in searching for a missing youth or youths (age and numbers unknown) who had entered a storm drain in Barnstaple, at this stage there was no reports of missing children...

Called by police to search various mines and caves for a missing female (16) missing for some 4 weeks. Nothing found.

11 team members attended for 22 hours.

Assist Devon and Cornwall Police Force Support Group with search and excavation of a small cave in the Pridhamsleigh area, that recent intelligence suggested could be a body deposition location. Nothing found.

3 team members attended for 4 hours.

Police reported a 42yrd old male missing from home for a number of days. Search of a number of small caves and woodland in the Torbryan area that may be used as locations to sleep rough in.

7 team members attended for 4 hours.