This evening Devon Cave Rescue Organisation were alerted to a small party of overdue cavers in Pridhamsleigh Cavern. A small number of team members were able to confirm the overdue parties car was still parked up so a decision was made to mobilise the team.

Whilst the team was mobilising a rescue controller and another team member conducted a hasty search of the area and located the missing party fairly close to the entrance but in a disorientating part of the cave. The party had made the correct decision by sitting and awaiting rescue - they were well equipped with emergency blankets and appropriate clothing. Although a bit cold they were in good spirits and happy to get moving again so the decision was made to lead them back out of the cave.

This call out shows why it is vital to always leave a call out time with a responsible person as well as the importance of wearing correct clothing.

Stock photo from a training session

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