Our rescue response has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic


Thankfully callouts in Devon are few and far between, which is just how we like it. When we do get called out, and it’s appropriate to do so, we’ll give a brief summary of the incident here.

A party of three (m) became overdue because of a high tide at the adit entrance, but were able to make a safe exit before the team members left their HQ.

3 team members attended for 1 hour and 50 mins.

Two adults (m, 40s) leading school group of 8 students fell approximately 3m down small blind pitch whilst traversing around edge. Second caver slipped and knocked first caver down the 3m pitch and landing on top of him, who suffered serious fractured leg injuries. Second caver was unhurt and made h...

Member of guided caving party (f16) slipped between boulders in a wet area of the cave. Suspected fractured femur and hypothermia evident. Stretchered to the surface and handed to waiting Air Ambulance.

22 team members attended for 2 hours.

Assistant leader of caving party (f19) fell some 1 1/2 metres to floor, suffering suspected spinal injuries and non-epileptic fits. Treated at scene by paramedic cave rescue personnel and stretchered to surface. Air Ambulance evacuated the caver to hospital.

32 team members attended for 3 hours an...