Team members from Devon Cave Rescue Organisation were among those involved in the major rescue from Cwm Dwr / Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in South Wales this weekend.

The casualty, having sustained multiple injuries as a result of a fall, had to be extracted by stretcher through Top Entrance. This route is long and technically complex, and more than 250 volunteer cave rescuers from around the country took part in the 54 hour rescue.

The casualty was accompanied by a doctor for the entire process in order to provide pre-hospital care and administer vital oxygen and pain relief, and DevCRO Medical Officer Dr Craig Holdstock was one of the doctors who performed this role. Other team members assisted in the technical extraction, stretcher carry, and operational communications aspects of the rescue.

The casualty was succesfully extracted at 19:45 GMT on Monday 8th November, having been underground since Saturday morning.

Huge congratulations to the fantastic volunteers from 10 cave rescue teams around the country for this incredible outcome, and we wish the casualty a swift recovery.

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