Our rescue response has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic


Thankfully callouts in Devon are few and far between, which is just how we like it. When we do get called out, and it’s appropriate to do so, we’ll give a brief summary of the incident here.

This afternoon DCRO were activated and successful in the rescue of a lovely young dog called Freya in a mine in the Tamar Valley.

The team was initially called out by Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue. Upon arriving on scene it became apparent that Freya was trapped approximately 60 meters up a cli...

On the 30th Jan at 6:10pm I received a call from the Police with reference to a Dog down a mine at the Bottle Mine / Hemmerdon area on the outskirts of Plympton.

The dog had possibly vanished down the shaft at approx 3:30pm. The owner of the dog searched the woods for some time in case the dog had...