On the 30th Jan at 6:10pm I received a call from the Police with reference to a Dog down a mine at the Bottle Mine / Hemmerdon area on the outskirts of Plympton.

The dog had possibly vanished down the shaft at approx 3:30pm. The owner of the dog searched the woods for some time in case the dog had not fallen down the shaft, he spoke to the landowner at approx 5:45pm and then called the Police.

Ali Neill, Rupert Goddard and myself attended, with Ali dropping down the shaft (approx 60 feet down). The dog was found at the base of the shaft (dead). Ali took down a spare harness and constructed a makeshift harness, to allow the dog to be hauled to the surface.

The body of the dog was handed to it's owner, who was very appreciative of the help.

The incident was over by 7:45pm.

Thanks to Ali and Rupert.

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