On the 5th June at 8:30am the team was called out to attend a search for lost dog Kini, last spotted near Labrador Bay between Torquay and Shaldon.

Six team members headed out to search the area that Kini was last seen in. Due to the nature of the landscape and high cliffs, abseiling was needed to aid the search. The area was exceptionally difficult work through with high undergrowth and brambles. The team were able to abseil and search areas under the thicket and, although it was difficult to ascertain for certain, we felt fairly confident that the initial area was thoroughly searched.

We then widened our search to include areas down to the beach. However, there was no sign of Kini. Whilst the search wasn't the positive outcome we all hoped for, the search for Kini continues and we hope he turns up soon.

Please keep an eye out if you are walking the coast path. Anybody who spots Kini, or has information, should call owner Helen on +44 7534 521 910.

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